Be a Writer Day 2

Be a Writer Day 2.1
Students work on the covers of their writer's notebooks.

“Good writers know themselves.” That was the topic as we began our second day as a community of writers. Once again, the day was jam-packed with activities. Today we continued to work on our

Be a Writer Day 2.2
The finished and laminated cover of a student's writer's notebook.

notebook covers and our autobiographies. We learned more Smiley Face Tricks,  and read the class novel as writers, looking for those SFTs.  As usual, we kicked off the class with QTQs- Quick Thinking Questions- (naming words that end in -one, based on clues given).  New projects included: Mrs. Martin reading from a book of poetry written by middle school students, Hormone Jungle, and starting a new writing , a “Where I Stand” essay.  This essay is developed from the country music song by Aaron Tippin, “You’ve Got to Stand for Something,” so we listened to the song, discussed his viewpoint, read some samples, and then thought about our opinions on life to begin composing the piece. In addition, we also spent time in the computer lab, word- processing the autobiographies for the anthology. This class is full of hard-working individuals, and we are being very productive each day. What a pleasure it is to work with such a polite group of young people. They even say, “Thank you,” as they leave each day!


Be a Writer Day 2.3
Several members of the class working on their autobiographies in the computer lab.