But What About My Rights?

Campers in the “Give Me Freedom! Exploring the Bill of Rights” class are analyzing enlightenment philosophy, primary documents (which are not so easy to read!), and historical influences as they make their way to a deeper understanding of the meaning of and intent behind our Bill of Rights. So far, students have created illustrated timelines, […]

Counselor’s Corner: The Matts’ Weird Weekly Wednesday

Hello all, My name is Matthew Hunt. I just completed my first year of college at WKU, and I am majoring in computer science and minoring in international business. I went to VAMPY for four years (’06-’09). I have seven campers in my group, and we are staying in Florence-Schneider Hall. As I have talked […]

Counselor’s Corner: Changing lives One Frisbee Game at a Time

Today is Wednesday, and it is an absolutely beautiful day on campus! The sky is extraordinarily blue, the kids are laughing with each other as they walk to class, and everyone seems to have a smile on his or her face. There is something so special about being in a place where every child can […]

Fun Continues at SCATS 2012

  Great weather and fun classes – what a perfect combination for summer! We’re three days into SCATS and already campers are reporting some memorable experiences from their classes. Mini said she’s having a blast in Harry Potter and the Power of Friendship. “We did a mock trial for Severus Snape today where we pretended […]

Blast Off with Math Day 1 and 2

Blast Off with Math has launched and is moving quickly into the building projects we have planned. Monday and Tuesday the students spent time calculating ratios and proportions of models in the space program so they can create their own model of the Apollo space capsule. We are having a blast understanding different ways to […]

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