Counselor’s Corner: The Matts’ Weird Weekly Wednesday

Hello all,

Counselor Matthew Hunt
Counselor Matthew Hunt

My name is Matthew Hunt. I just completed my first year of college at WKU, and I am majoring in computer science and minoring in international business. I went to VAMPY for four years (’06-’09). I have seven campers in my group, and we are staying in Florence-Schneider Hall. As I have talked to various SCATS students throughout camp, I can tell that they are really enjoying their classes. Courses my campers are taking include: Robotics, Astronomy, Organic Chemistry, Mystery Writing, Amusement Park Physics, and Sand Sculpting.

After dinner, we have optionals, which are fun activities the students choose for themselves. The past two days, I have run the Magic: The Gathering optional. Magic: The Gathering is a card game that is quite popular at SCATS and VAMPY¬†. Today I will be running an optional named “The Matts’ Weird Weekly Wednesday Optional” with another counselor named Matthew Coleman. All of the kids are quite excited for it even though they have no idea what we are going to be doing. We can let you in on the secret, though. We are going to travel around campus site seeing and showing off parts of campus that campers have not yet had a chance to visit. The tour will, of course, be accompanied by our humorous commentary and jokes. We’ll see how it goes!