The 2010 Beginning of SCATS

Wow! The first few days of SCATS have been busy! Everyone is getting into the swing of things and I finally have time to put up a post! Here’s a quick recap from the past few days:

Sunday: Check in and orientation went smoothly. By the first hall meeting, bonds were already beginning to form.

Monday: The hall was up and ready to go bright and early. Everyone was excited to start class and make new friends! Monday night we had activities including capture the flag, getting to know you games, and even a nail salon. I was stationed in the game room, which was freshly stocked with over 20 brand new board and card games. I joined a group in one of my favorite games–Apples to Apples. Counselors Amanda, Sam and John Max had fun figuring out the newest edition of Risk.

Tuesday: The night didn’t seem to be long enough on this second night for me, but the kids were wide awake as usual. I did notice that lunch seemed a bit louder, but that makes sense– more connections, more noise! We had activities again Tuesday night. This time I was involved in capture the flag as the referee and picture taker. In a late upset, the blue team overtook the red team 2-1. As activities were ending, a storm rolled in. Luckily, we all made it back to our halls before the downpour.

Wednesday: Tonight, we went to the 4th floor of DUC. We all enjoyed bowling, card games, playing pool and participating in/watching a ping pong tournament.  It was a nice change, and everyone seemed to have a good time!

As Wednesday comes to a close, the campers are in their rooms–some sleeping, others chatting. My first few days have been an amazing adventure and an awesome experience, and I hope it has been the same for them!