Instant Friends

When I was in middle school, I left home for the first time to attend a summer camp called SCATS.  Little did I know that nine years later I would be spending yet another summer with The Center for Gifted Studies.

It did not take long for my group to remind me why I continue to come back as a counselor. The slightly nervous, shy girls that I was first introduced to quickly transformed into a mass of chattering socialites, and by the end of the first night they had already exchanged phone numbers so they could keep in touch after camp.

Those types of instant bonds are really one of the most amazing parts of camps for me and I am glad that The Center is able to provide an atmosphere that encourages friendships that may last a lifetime.  When my campers make the journey back to their hometowns, which include places as close as Bowling Green and as far away as Shanghai, I already know they will have tons of exciting camp stories…….and camp isn’t even half over!

I also hope to have pictures up soon!  (We’ve been so busy having fun that I haven’t had time to sort through them.)


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