Greetings From The Math Challenge

For four days the Challenge students have explored many problem solving strategies such as Think One, Finding Patterns, Function Machines, and using Venn Diagrams, Charts, and Diagrams.

The students have become comfortable sharing their thinking with their peers, which is way out of “the comfort zone” for many. I am proud of them!! By far the most popular activities encountered in the class have been the 5-10 minute focuser and energizer activities. Students have enjoyed such mini-games as: My name is……, Zip, Zap,Boing, Friend or Foe, The Screaming Toes, and The Mystery Number. Our class also includes hula-hooping to clear the mind (and for a brief blast of fun!). Students also enjoyed exploring problem solving strategies through charades while playing “Taboo” in a cup. Enjoy the photos!!

Nancy Ashby
The Math Challenge SCATS Host