Presidential Politics: Week 1!

Hey everyone!! We’ve had a super eventful week in Presidential Politics. The latter part of our week was focused on the presidency of Andrew Jackson. We explored his controversial presidency and even more colorful life. We took a field trip to The Hermitage, his plantation just south of Nashville. As we approach the second week, […]

Presidential Politics: Day 2

Greetings everyone! We had an excellent second day in Presidential Politics. Our focus president was Thomas Jefferson, and we explored his tenure in office and the impact of his decisions. The highlight of today’s class was the fictitious debate between incumbent John Adams and challenger Thomas Jefferson in the presidential race of 1800. Michael did […]

Presidential Politics: Day 1!

Hello! I’m Victoria, the teaching assistant for the Presidential Politics class here at VAMPY 2012. I wanted to give a quick update about how our first day of class went. We started off with an overview of the class and dove right into the debates. The first presidential career we assessed was George Washington’s. After […]

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