Presidential Politics: Day 2

Greetings everyone! We had an excellent second day in Presidential Politics. Our focus president was Thomas Jefferson, and we explored his tenure in office and the impact of his decisions. The highlight of today’s class was the fictitious debate between incumbent John Adams and challenger Thomas Jefferson in the presidential race of 1800. Michael did an excellent job portraying Mr. Jefferson (in costume!), and Kaitlin was magnificent as President Adams. The resolution of the debate was in line with history, naming Jefferson the victor.

During this evening’s study hours, we explored the judicial branch. The students role played the landmark decision of Marbury v. Madison (1803) complete with justices, prosecution, litigation, and witnesses. Again, the class followed history and ruled in Mr. Marbury’s favor. We focused on this case because of the crucial role it played in establishing the powers of the judiciary.

All of the students performed exceptionally well today and truly focused on the issues at hand. A lot of new and exciting perspectives have been introduced to the classroom, and every single student is taking the opportunity to learn and grow, not only as a person but as an informed citizen.