Presidential Politics: Day 1!

Presidential Politics VAMPY class

Presidential Politics VAMPY classHello! I’m Victoria, the teaching assistant for the Presidential Politics class here at VAMPY 2012. I wanted to give a quick update about how our first day of class went. We started off with an overview of the class and dove right into the debates. The first presidential career we assessed was George Washington’s. After a guest appearance from the Founding Father himself, we had a lively discussion about one of his greatest decisions as president: using military force to stop the Whiskey Rebellion. This achievement is often overlooked in light of his contributions during the Revolutionary War, but it helped reinforce the strength and supremacy of our national government.

During this evening’s study hours, we assessed some of President Washington’s other contributions to our infant nation. We had a well-reasoned and articulate debate about his strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to the leaders and times of today. The students are extremely impressive, each with his or her own perspective and ideas. The classroom discussions are centered around respectful opinions and a strong academic core. This year’s Presidential Politics class is starting out on a terrific note!


Presidential Politics VAMPY class

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