Game creators rely on teamwork

Decimals, fractions, geometric shapes, and area problems were some of the images and problems represented on the computer screens in the Games + Math = Fun class at Camp Discover.   Over the course of this week, the students will create math games using Khan Academy. They are researching games students like to play as […]

Learning bridge basics piece by piece

What are the physics behind building a bridge? What keeps it from falling into the deep waters below? What type of design makes a bridge stronger? Students learned the answers to these questions and more in the Bridge Building Challenge class at Camp Discover. The first day they worked on simple designs, then they dove […]

Campers are at the top of their games

Jumping to a fiery pit, chiseling out of a tunnel, and running from one challenge to the next were all scenes on newly created games Thursday in the Design & Code a 2D Video Game class at Camp Discover. The students are actively engaged with their Chromebooks, working hard to complete their games for the […]

Family connections

Students who attend programming at The Center for Gifted Studies often speak of finding a family or a second home here at WKU. When they leave after camp, they stay in touch. Some plan to return as campers together the next year; others meet again years later as counselors. A few do happen to become […]

More than just idle chatter

Talking is encouraged in Shawn Quinn’s class at Camp Discover – in fact, talking is what the class, Tell Me Something Interesting, is all about. No one in the class needs help with the physical act of speaking; the campers all have that down (though some do practice more than others). Instead, the class is […]

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