Week Three Adventures at VAMPY 2012

Our campers have been delving into some big adventures — including swimming in a blue hole, building a telescope, extracting DNA, and more — during their final week of VAMPY 2012. See them in action here!  

Genetics: Bacterial Experiments

As we begin our third week, we will be looking at many different bacterial experiments. Monday we began our bacterial synergism experiment in which we will observe the interactions of bacteria growing in the same petrie dish. Some students will grow control dishes with only one kind of bacteria, and the others will have different […]

Genetics: Field Trip and Friday

Thursday, Dr. John Andersland took us on a field trip to the WKU Biological Preserve to observe the biodiversity in our region. The students canoed down the Green River in groups of two or three, and we stopped to eat at a blue hole where almost everyone jumped in and swam. Friday the students each […]

VAMPY 2012 Reaches the Midway Mark

VAMPY 2012 campers have now crossed the program’s midway mark, and they’re working hard to make the most of their remaining week and a half at WKU. Many classes are even taking their shows on the road for field trips. (Some photos in this gallery were taken at St. Meinrad Monastery in Indiana!) But whether […]

Genetics: The Half-Way Mark

As we reach the half-way mark for VAMPY, interesting things are continuing to happen in the Genetics class Tuesday, we continued our work with sordaria and our other various labs and covered the inheritance pattern for mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from only the mother, unlike the chromosomal DNA which is a combination of both […]

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