Genetics: Week Two Begins

VAMPY Genetics Class

We have successfully completed our first week of Genetics here at VAMPY, and we are beginning a second.

VAMPY Genetics ClassIn the final days of last week, we did a lab simulation for the Platy Fuss during which we examined sex-linked traits and how they are inherited. We did several online labs over mitosis and meiosis and looked at how karyotypes are created. While studying karyotypes, we did a simulation where we looked at several disorders including Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and other so we could see the mutations of the chromosomes that cause these diseases. On Friday, we also had each group research a different ethical dilemma involved with gene therapy, and then the entire class participated in a roundtable discussion and debated the pros and cons of gene therapy in the different situations.

VAMPY Genetics ClassToday, we will look at or sordaria spores and see how often crossing over occurred. We will also be doing a simulation this afternoon with the Forensic Chemistry class and the Chemistry class called Epidemic where the students will be studying how infections are spread. Then the students will have to determine who the original contaminated person was. We will also be planting Wisconsin fast plants, which we will observe in three days in order to determine the pattern of inheritance for color in the plants. There will also be a study of the Romanovs today that will teach the students about the pattern of inheritance for mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited differently than chromosomal DNA.

On Thursday of this week, we will take a field trip the the WKU wildlife preserve where we will be canoe and learn about blue holes and endangered mussels that live in the river.

VAMPY Genetics Class