Murals, Debates and Ransom Notes: Thursday at VAMPY

Classes are humming right along as VAMPY 2012 nears its conclusion! In Nazi Germany class, students worked to complete two murals and design shirts for a play. Students in Presidential Politics engaged in spirited debate and Forensic Chemistry had its students examine the handwriting in different ransom notes. All in a day’s work!

Pig Autopsies & Origami: Just Another VAMPY 2012 Tuesday

Tuesday got off to a smelly start for students in the Forensic Chemistry class as they performed pig autopsies with a partner. Meanwhile, students in Math made origami before taking to the sidewalk behind Snell Hall for a much-needed break.

VAMPY 2012 Reaches the Midway Mark

VAMPY 2012 campers have now crossed the program’s midway mark, and they’re working hard to make the most of their remaining week and a half at WKU. Many classes are even taking their shows on the road for field trips. (Some photos in this gallery were taken at St. Meinrad Monastery in Indiana!) But whether […]

Forensic Chemistry: Fly Releasing Parties

Our flies are hatching from their pupae casings! This means that every morning and afternoon whoever has flies gets to go out on the balcony and release our little forensic detectives into the world! Now we know some people are thinking, “Why on earth are you releasing those pests?” Well, flies have a very specific […]

Forensic Chemistry: Mysterious Hairs and Fibers

Monday we learned about two kinds of trace evidence: hair and fiber. To learn more about hair, we examined at several different types. We looked at human hair — dyed and not dyed — as well as grey hair. We also investigated nonhuman hair. We looked at cat, dog, mouse, rat, horse, and even wooly […]

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