Finding strength in self advocacy

If you don’t learn to stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.   Dr. Martha Sales repeated this phrase during a Tuesday night talk with our Camp Discover campers, making sure they understood the message. Currently serving as the Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of Student Life at Western Kentucky University, Dr. Sales […]

Extraordinary ideas abound at Camp Discover

Put on your thinking cap and join the Extraordinaires Inventions class at Camp Discover. At the beginning of Day One, students received their Extraordinaire character, a unique character who has extraordinary needs, and randomly picked a project. Maddy B.’s character was a giant for whom she needed to design a gift. Oren T.  ended up with […]

Building a base for thinking

We all know how fun LEGO bricks can be; Renee Hale, teacher of Camp Discover’s Learning with LEGO class, takes things up a notch and uses the colorful shapes to foster critical thinking and collaborative work as well. The first task at hand on Monday was called “Collaboration Squares.” Students were charged with replicating a […]

Getting their point across

Students in Ashley Latham’s class at Camp Discover were busy gathering research for their next debate. I looked over at Solon S.’s page, and in less than an hour, he had managed to bring up two pages worth of bullet points that will help justify his team’s stance on animal testing. “We are pro-animal testing […]

Learning bridge basics piece by piece

What are the physics behind building a bridge? What keeps it from falling into the deep waters below? What type of design makes a bridge stronger? Students learned the answers to these questions and more in the Bridge Building Challenge class at Camp Discover. The first day they worked on simple designs, then they dove […]

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