Building a base for thinking

We all know how fun LEGO bricks can be; Renee Hale, teacher of Camp Discover’s Learning with LEGO class, takes things up a notch and uses the colorful shapes to foster critical thinking and collaborative work as well.


The first task at hand on Monday was called “Collaboration Squares.” Students were charged with replicating a specific pattern out of LEGO; the pattern, it turns out, was one part of a larger image.  Once finished with their individual patterns, the students worked together to create a full image. Making curved images or circles out of square and rectangular LEGO pieces was the most challenging part of the exercise, one camper said.


The next task of the day was to build a bridge over a seven-inch-wide river. Students had the option to work independently or as a team of two or three. The variety and styles were quite impressive. Samantha H. and Makayla A. started out with a circular LEGO that was going to be their focal point; however, plans changed when they needed a specific support mechanism for the bridge and had to take it out. Upon completion, Ms. Hale had a heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener to test the strength of each bridge.


An additional project included working on self-portrait on the square boards. Day One proved to show just how truly creative these students are.