Counselor’s Corner: Breanna Greenwood

Breanna Greenwood

Here at SCATS after a long day of classes, meals, and optionals, campers get to experience “Community Time”, a time to connect and meet new people from the different wings and halls here in Florence Schneider. The campers are allowed to roam to and from the common areas, playing, laughing, and overall enjoying the “free time” to decompress after a long day.
Campers have the option to hang out in the Den, where many a game of ping pong has occurred. Campers have also been known to play a variety of card games or even play the variety of musical instruments available to them, the most popular being the piano. It is wonderful to hear the musical prowess of young people throughout the halls and community time is a great time to hone those skills with like-minded musicians. If a camper needs a quieter space, the Great Hall is where one can find not only a variety of board games but many Dungeons and Dragons campaigns (which have been known to get quite exciting)! Another opportunity for a “chill zone” has been the lobby, which has been a refuge for a budding friendship bracelet-making and reading group. Outside is also available for campers where they can run and play any sport they like, which leads to many lugging themselves up the stairs to their rooms, ready for bed (which the counselors really enjoy)!
Overall community time is not only a time for campers to run around with their friends from separate halls, but to build what the name implies, a community with all campers alike at SCATS.