Counselor Corner: Anna Maddux

After a fun weekend of the VAMPY Olympics, paper theater, and Varnival, the campers were eager to get back to their classes on Monday. Rather than our usual evening activities, the campers and counselors had the opportunity to go see the U.S. Coast Guard Band on Monday evening. Attending the concert was such a privilege. For some campers, this was a once in a lifetime experience that they will remember forever. For others, this was an excellent opportunity to listen to familiar tunes. “I was sad to miss out on evening activities at first,” says camper Katie Travis, “but I ended up really enjoying the concert and having a great time!” Here at VAMPY we want to be able to provide campers with new and exciting opportunities that they may not be able to experience elsewhere. This experience is just one of many opportunities we will provide at camp this year. This weekend, campers will get the privilege of attending a performance of Cinderella at the Southern Kentucky Preforming Arts Center. Campers are looking forward to seeing the musical, dressing for the occasion, and spending time off campus with their peers. This weekend campers will also be participating in VAMPY’s 40th Reunion to help celebrate this amazing place and the people that make it all happen. It is things like these that make camp such a great learning experience inside and outside of the classroom! Weekends at SCATS are always fun for our campers! After finishing up their first week of classes, campers headed to the Honors College and International Center (HCIC) lawn for a fun night of games and pizza. A few of our campers’ favorite games include volleyball, football, baseball, tag, card games, and friendship bracelet making. Counselor Megan Batson says, “It was really great to have everybody outside at once, the cookout vibe was there. We had a lot of games going on side by side and it was fun to have campers hang out altogether!” We continued our Friday night with an exciting game of counselor trivia! Campers were enthusiastic during the game. Laughter filled the Great Hall of Florence Schneider Hall as teams of campers took their best guesses at counselor questions and fun facts. It was fun for us counselors too! I enjoyed watching the campers learn more about me and my fellow counselors. Friday ended with hall time, which is a personal favorite of mine. Hall time gives campers the time to debrief with each other and spend time with their fellow hall mates. I also love this time because it allows me to spend more time with my campers and build a better relationship with them. We have a busy and exciting weekend ahead of us here at SCATS, today was just the beginning!