SCATS Campers get their Greek On!

Heroes, monsters, and myths are the star attractions in Jessica Graham’s Greek Out class at SCATS.

The stories and settings of Ancient Greece are familiar to many campers as they have long loved the books and movies of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (well, maybe not so much the original movies).

The challenge in the class comes in creation. With each area of study, Ms. Graham tasks the students to show what they know with a unique product.

After listening to a retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur, the class broke down the key elements and discussed the purpose of the labyrinth and why it was successful. Ms. Graham reviewed available materials as she introduced the day’s task: building a 3D model of a labyrinth.

“You may choose any materials you like,” she said, “but you must use at least three different types of materials.”

Working in pairs and triads, the students got to work brainstorming and sketching ideas. Evan M., Levi M., and Charlotte B. opted for a circular design while Maria A. and Noor P. went with a rectangular approach. Throughout the room, the drawings had similar elements but put together in different ways. Then it was time to turn ideas into action. Cardboard, chenille sticks, and straws quickly became walls, false rooms, and circuitous paths.  

“It’s very hands on and creative,” Avery K. said of the class. “I have enjoyed working with my partner.”

Next it was on to monsters, a major part of Ancient Greek lore. Each camper researched a different monster, from mermaids and sirens (Wren H.) to the chimera (Jace D.). Campers learned what made those creatures dangerous and, even better, how to dispatch of them.

It seems the Greeks had a good handle on creativity too. Opa!

2024 SCATS Greek Out