Counselor Corner: Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller

Soothing Sunday: SCATS Campers Decompress

After a long day on Saturday with the Olympics and paper theater, our SCATS campers participated in more relaxed activities on Sunday. Starting the day, campers had a chance to attend worship as well as enjoy a breakfast outside on the front lawn.

In the afternoon, campers participated in a diverse selection of optionals including chess, button making, soccer, Super Smash Bros., and even a marching band ensemble! One camper recalls the Super Smash Bros. optional, reminiscing, “It was fun, I was able to enjoy something semi-competitive while playing a game I like”.

Later on in the day, a cookout was held, giving campers a refreshing twist to normal dining. Besides food, campers also enjoyed hanging out with friends, playing with frisbees, passing around a volleyball, and more during this time.

Sunday evening finished off with a movie night. Campers were given three options: Over the Hedge, The Muppets Movie (2011), and the 2nd game of the NBA finals. Campers brought blankets and pillows; laying down and enjoying the films with their friends.

Generally, Sunday as a whole serves to give the campers some time to enjoy more relaxed activities, providing a welcome break from the action-packed days before. The combination of optionals, a cookout, and a movie night made for a perfect day of rest, allowing everyone to recharge.