Countdown, 3…2…1…

The first week of Actually, It is Rocket Science ended with all the campers in the class getting the opportunity to test out simple rockets they had made themselves from paper and duct tape. Under the guidance of teacher, Ecil Miller, today’s class began with time for the students to complete their rockets. They attached fins of different shapes and sizes to the barrel of the rocket with hot glue; some had time to add nose cones.

It was hard to believe, based on appearance, that any of the rockets would fly. But fly they did, high and far! The rockets were propelled by compressed air pushed through a launch assembly constructed of PVC. Mr. Miller explaining how the assembly worked was a scene straight out of a movie. Multiple checks had to be performed to successfully launch the rockets. A key on the controls had to be in the on position, indicator lights had to be checked, then the countdown could begin!

After a couple of false starts, requiring a full review of equipment, the first rocket launched! The campers cheered, then lined up to take their turn. There was variation in the height and distance achieved by the rockets, probably as a result of differences in design. But these amateur rocketeers, were all triumphant!

2024 SCATS Actually it IS Rocket Science