Counselor Corner: Megan Batson

Megan Batson

With the first day of classes complete, our SCATS campers made their way back to Florence Schneider Hall for optionals. As a SCATS tradition, campers are allowed to pick from a variety of afternoon activities run by the counselors. These optionals can range anywhere from card games to capture the flag, but the mystery surrounding the more niche activities keeps everyone on their toes. Our first round of optionals included titles like World Cup (soccer), Blind Date with a Book, Kickin’ and Waffles (kickball and wiffleball), and the mysterious Conspiracy Club. With a mix of outdoor and indoor activities, the students have the option to be active or have fun with games inside. Counselors Breanna Greenwood and Kaylee Evans hosted Blind Date with a Book, where campers chose between books with hidden covers. Counselors made their own covers, describing the plots of the book as vaguely as possible, then letting the campers read on their own to discover the real identities of the books. After a busy first day, the reading time was very much appreciated. 

“The kiddos had such a fun time being able to decompress and read a nice book in a quiet, comforting space,” says Counselor Breanna.

“I thought it was a very unique idea, I was really excited to bond with people over books,” said a second year camper. 

The optionals tend to get more bizarre further into the week, so stay tuned to see what comes next!