Counselor Corner: Mario Hernandez

Mario HernandezEven though campers that signed up for the optional NFL Street with Counselors Mario and Noah were not born when the referenced video game was released in 2004, they were still extremely excited to play their own game of football. After a rain scare that would have seen the prospective football players become chess grandmasters, we found our way to the large grassy area that is the South Lawn. A convenient spray-painted football field left by the WKU Football Team from their summer workouts served as the SCATS Bowl Stadium.

Counselor Mario began with a short round of tryouts to determine starting quarterbacks. After a few beautiful passes across the field, Dayton Meyer was drafted as quarterback for Counselor Mario’s team and Emmanuel Pout was selected for Counselor Noah’s team.

The game of two hand touch allowed one run play by the offense and one blitz play by the defense every set of downs. A long first drive by Mario’s team ended with a last-minute touchdown on 4th down at the goal line. Noah’s team received the ball after kickoff and immediately responded with two quick first downs and a touchdown in just 3 plays.

As morale on Mario’s team slowly went down, Noah’s team delivered what seemed to be a final stamp on what would be a game long lead for their side with a Pick Six play by Kaydon Banks.

Referee and Coach Mario called a timeout and ensured everyone’s head stayed in the game, as there was no way the team would not fight back. The team left everything out on the field and with valiant performances from wide receivers such as Elizabeth McDaniel and Alex Brooks, the lead from Noah’s team was lowered to a one possession game.

A few costly offsides flags by Noah’s team left Mario’s team in a must win at 3rd and goal. With tensions running high and no blitz or run plays left, backup QB L’Devaun Yates threw the game tying pass to TE Maks Kovalkov as the game timer expired.

As optionals time ended and the sun went down, both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship with kind words. Any indication that they were tired out after the game was short-lived, as most of the campers continued their own small game of football outside of the dormitory during community time.