Counselor Corner: Addie Patterson

/Addie PattersonWhat are campers really doing here? And who is actually in charge? Campers found out Monday during Optionals. Campers had the opportunity to sign up for “Flat Earth Club” and discover the truth. Of course, campers had to clear their minds of any brainwash from the aliens. We started off by making our very own tinfoil hats; the most protection came from teletubby and ogre shaped hats.Once the campers were properly protected, they began to discuss their own “truths”. Then, us counselors began to connect the dots on our own truths.

With the help of the campers, we connected different events and places. For example, the moon landing was faked but only to hide that astronauts were going to space to take aliens hostage. Of course, these aliens were hidden in Area 51. But as their population expanded, the Denver airport was built to handle the overflow. More shocking conclusions revealed that this camp is all an experiment, and the parents are paid for their subjects. The web revealed the Illuminati and that none other than lizard Abby Lee Miller, from dance moms, is actually at the top of the pyramid.

With these new revelations, campers began to look around campus and discover the hidden cameras, microphones, passage ways, and antennas. Some of the most difficult cameras to hide are the bird drones and squirrel robots. We also showed the campers some of the ways that we were working to disable these objects. It is crucial that we begin to spread awareness. So, campers went around other optionals to inform other campers of reality. We are all turning into mutant lizards.  The optionals concluded with the campers drawing their own webs. The following web created by Elly Chappell revealed how Jeff Bezos actually uses worker bees to run Amazon.