Becoming a Double Threat!

Have you heard of triple threats? Some SCATS campers will spend the next two weeks becoming double threats. Veteran teacher, Julie Roberts Boggess, will work with students on improving their performance skills and becoming comfortable in front of the camera. The second part of the double threat is writing their own monologues. Each student is expected to complete a dramatic and comedic monologue that they will perform. Ms. Boggess will guide the students through the process of brainstorming topics, narrowing down to one of each type to develop, and writing and revising based on input from other campers. Students will also learn how to criticize others’ work constructively.  Their performances will be recorded and shared. 

Since it was the first day of class, they started, as many do, spending some time getting to know each other. The students picked Skittles, then answered a prompt based on the color of the candy they had picked. Some revealed their most embarrassing moment, or the best thing that happened to them this year. Many had shared what they would do if they had a million dollars. Almost all the campers responded that they would save or invest their million dollars, surprising some with their frugality.

After spending some time exchanging stories to get to know each other better, and put new campers at ease, the class wound down with students working independently to brainstorm ideas for their monologues.

Double Threat Class - June 3, 2024