Mythology class takes a modern spin

Take the traditional stories of Greek mythology and mix them into today’s world, and you have Modern Mythology Mayhem! Teacher NicoleTaylor has been introducing students to the mythological gods and their stories. Each day, she presents a new story. On Tuesday, she shared the story of the fateful love of Orpheus for the beautiful Eurydice. She was able to bring the story to life with the “Map of the Underworld” on the screen up front.

The campers’ charge for the week was to pick a god and create a business as if that god was living during our time and come up with an advertising plan to promote that business. Gabe H. picked Hermes as he is a god known as a divine messenger. “Hermes’ business will be a delivery service since he is known as a messenger. It will be similar to FedEx,” Gabe said.

Addie Belle P. is developing a business around Hestia, the goddess of the family, the home, and the state. “It will be a home décor store with home items like wall art,” Addie Belle said. “I plan to create a billboard to advertise it.”

At the end of the week, students will have learned some interesting facts about Greek mythology as well as the basics of creating and marketing a business.