Counselor Corner with Kenyan

For the entire week, there had been a forecast of rain, potentially soiling some plans for these kids to be active. With the hopes of it stopping, Femi, Coleman, and I decided to host kickball anyway. It was raining earlier that day, but it didn’t seem to faze our eager and optimistic students who were ready to go out and play.  

Team 2 and Team Tom were the team names chosen by the campers for kickball. Team 2 started at kick, but after a quick 3 outs, it was time for Team Tom to take over. They started out very strong, getting 9 straight runs before the third out came along. Eventually, Team 2 started gaining some traction making the score 9-3. Team Tom earned another 2 runs and it was back to Team 2. Team 2 started making their comeback, scoring 4 impressive runs, making the score 11-7, and closing that original 9-point deficit. Team Tom wouldn’t back down, however, scoring the only points in the next 3 innings making the score 14-7. Team Tom would eventually go on to control the rest of the game, winning as the time ended for the game. 

It was miraculous that as soon as we started playing, the rain had stopped. While the ground was wet and sometimes the ball would slip just out of your fingertips, the kids still had a great time. As we gathered our things to go, counselor Femi shouted, “DID YOU GUYS HAVE FUN?” as the kids responded with a unanimous “YEAH!”.

– Kenyan W.

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