Optionals = mandatory fun

Most evenings at SCATS, campers flock to the lobby, racing to sign up for an optional before spots run out. Optionals are nighttime activities organized by our camp counselors, and the first night of these events included friendship bracelet making, trivia games, sidewalk chalk, four square, and ultimate frisbee. I led friendship bracelets with counselor Sydney S, where we demonstrated embroidery floss knot tying to our campers. From this, they learned how to make striped and chevron bracelets for their new (and old) friends. Ultimate frisbee and four square both fostered intense yet friendly competition and let campers blow off some steam. Counselors Addie B. Amy M. had their group find creative ways to color in various drawings of pitbull dogs, all while listening to radio-clean versions of hit songs by pop artist Pitbull. The campers were so excited to put their artwork on display for us! 

– Evie E., counselor