Competition makes for fast friends

Fierce competition took place Sunday in the shadow of WKU’s Houchens–Smith Stadium, but none of the university’s student-athletes were involved.


Instead, SCATS campers put on their best game faces for a series of challenges held on the South Lawn. Competition was particularly intense in the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and Red Light, Green Light, but winning wasn’t the only goal of the night. 

“I liked meeting all the different counselors and getting to know my hallmates,” said Keller M. of Bowling Green, KY.

Each game included a getting-to-know-you element. Rock, Paper, Scissors contestants, for example, had to be able to say the name of their opponent before they could start a match and, if all went well, advance in the tournament. Other activities included Telephone, Ninja, Two Truths and a Lie, and Patella Tag (a SCATS version of Knee Tag). It was nonstop action until the sun set, and campers headed to their halls to chat, relax, and reflect on the day.

“My favorite game was knee tag. It was a lot of fun,” said Isaiah J. of Adolphus, KY.


See campers in action here, and find more photos by clicking the button below.

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