Party at the Preston Center!

The Camp Discover kids let loose on Wednesday night at the Preston Center, WKU’s athletic facility. They enjoyed hitting volleyball, dribbling up the court, letting off steam running around the track, and splashing in the pool. 

WKU head volleyball coach Travis Hudson kicked off the night with a talk at the Gary A. Ransdell Hall auditorium. He shared his journey from high school through an extended stay at WKU to become the first college graduate in his family. Hard work and taking care to treat others well gave him a shot at the top coaching spot at just 24 years old. Now entering his 28th season, he has found immeasurable success as a coach and mentor.

After Coach Hudson’s talk, campers excitedly headed to the Preston Center. Two main goals seemed on tap for the evening: swimming and beating counselor Ezekiel Salama in basketball. We can report that the first went well for all; as far as beating Zeke, we’ll just mention that he had a slight height advantage at 6-foot-6.

After an hour and a half, it was time to head back to the residence hall for showers and much needed sleep.

— Emma Latherow, counselor