Calculus, it’s just for fun!

The first week of SCATS 2022 is officially over, but it seems that the campers are having more and more fun as the days go on. One part of SCATS that seems to be a universal favorite are our optional activities that take place almost every weeknight. 


On Monday night we had our penultimate set of optional activities for SCATS 2022, which included one of our most unique optionals: A Brief Introduction to Single Variable Calculus. This was led by counselors Barrett G. and Will S. and ended up being significantly more popular that what we might have expected. During this optional, Barrett and Will taught the basics of derivation and integration using the power rule, as well as the application of these topics in kinematics. 


This activity was such a hit that kids even stayed into their Community Time to learn more about calculus. As camper Rowan B. put it, “Teaching is the best form of learning.” Some campers including Aryanna S., Katie T., and Jessica L. brought pencil and paper to take notes, while others, including Anik P., Dushant L., Preston W., and Luke J., displayed their interest and engagement by making sure to ask plenty of great questions. Overall, this activity was a great example of campers learning while simultaneously having fun at camp, even outside of their classes!

— Kimberly T., counselor