Welcome to Camp Discover!

by Malcolm Jones, counselor

Malcolm Jones
Malcolm Jones

Camp Discover began its first year of summer programming when counselors and staff welcomed campers into the residential hall on Monday evening. Campers then had many opportunities to interact with each other and meet new people after dinner during Icebreakers: We split the campers up into six random groups and had them rotate among the six counselors as they participated in different get-to-know-you activities. When the campers came to my station, they played a game called The Knot, where they clustered up and held hands with two other campers. They were tasked with unraveling themselves into a big circle by communicating with each other and slowly moving over and under each other’s arms.

After the Icebreakers, the campers played Parachute. In this game, all of the students held a parachute on the ground, and we made statements such as “Your favorite color is blue,” and if the statement applied to them, they had to run under the parachute and find a new spot before it hit the ground. All of the campers had a lot of fun on the first day of camp as we prepared them for classes on Tuesday. We counselors are very excited to host them for a week full of fun activities, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking classes!