VAMPY Question of the Week #3

by Erika Solberg

It’s time for the last VAMPY Question of the Week! Here are the results of my Lunchtime Poll:

What would you do if you were the ruler of the world?

Gracyn Phillips tries out a sparkler while Claire Thornhill, Lauren VanZant, and Cloey Bailey watch.

Kyle Davis of Bloomington, IN: If I were ruler of the world, everything would be in the metric system.

Christian Rara of Russell Springs: I would resign on the first day — it’s too much responsibility. I would name my brother to be ruler in my place — I’d rather let him get stressed out.

Grant Ellis of Gallatin, TN: I would make my parents super rich so that they wouldn’t have to work anymore because they work hard enough already.

Grace Fridy of Louisville: I would put most of my money into fighting homelessness and climate change and then focus on civil rights and social justice. I would also take all my friends to Greece.

Caleb Quinn of Sturgis: I would end world hunger.

Parth Haria of Owensboro: I would make school more fun.

Leo Johnson of Germantown:  I would do absolutely nothing, but bring up the fact that I was ruler of the world in every social situation.

Malik Mulder makes a point in Presidential Politics.

Lauren VanZant of Lexington: I would resign because I wouldn’t want to do it. I would make Sanya ruler in my place.

Sanya Ajmanni of Prospect: I would name a country after myself.

Malachi Ibn-Mohammed of Louisville: I would mess around with the values of money, like one dollar would be worth $100 — just because.

May Queener of Mount Juliet, TN: I would organize archeological digs and cultural preservation.

Ace Chassels of of Hartford:  I would make it so that everyone has enough food to eat and no one goes hungry.

Alex Minter of Bowling Green: I would make water free for everybody

Lyla Wood of Smiths Grove: I would combat climate change.

Reed Phelps of Greensburg: I would set up my family and me for life and then resign because I don’t want to deal with all that. I would hand it off to a good friend.

Kayla Wood focuses in DNA & Genetics.

Amber Williams of Mammoth Cave: I would make hatred illegal.

Eddie Solberg-Hale of Bowling Green: I would decree that if you undercook fish, you go straight to jail. If you overcook fish, believe it or not, you go straight to jail. And if you are late to a dentist appointment, you also go straight to jail.

Malik Mulder of Lexington: I would get a bunch of money from everyone and then slowly fade away so I wouldn’t be bothered.

CY Nash of Bowling Green : I would get rid of golf because it’s boring.

Jayden Shuai of Portland, OR: I would get phone time.

Lily Simpson of Bowling Green: I would create Universal health care.

Eliot Watson of Nashville, TN: I would delegate my power to more experienced people.

Ian Franks of Thompsons Station, TN: I would give it up and give it to Tyler. I don’t want to be famous.

Tyler Shaw of Scottsville: I would manipulate people into thinking that I was the best and nicest person in the world and could lead them to a better tomorrow. Then I would start a company so people would support it and give me money.

Gracyn Phillips of Morrow, OH:  I would make football a worldwide thing instead of just an American thing

Counselor Mario Hernandez of Bowling Green: I would end capitalism and get rid of money, and then we would all coexist in a new system. I think that means I could not be ruler of the world, so that’s kind of confusing!

Reed Phelps works on his camera in Problems You Have Never Solved Before.

Foster Thompson of Lexington: I would tell the world my opinions and solve some problems  — make sure global warming was paid attention to, for sure. And then I would return everything else back to how it was.

Eli Neitz of Sturgis: I would make a really big cake.

Joaquin Pauig of London: I would create a three-branch government with separation of powers — essentially like the U.S., but remove the part where I have to get reelected. Everyone would have to deal with me, but the three branches of the government would have equal power, so I wouldn’t get drunk off of it, and hopefully I would last more than six months.

Abigail Hicks of Clarksville, IN: I would abolish war and create a communal work program like in ancient Mayan times, when every citizen did a certain amount of community work.

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