Vampers Prepare for Talent Show

by Baylor Hill

Baylor Hill wear a basball cap and smiles.
Baylor Hill

Preparation for the annual VAMPY talent show marks the start of the final days of camp for Vampers. The talent show is a great camp tradition because it gives campers the opportunity to express themselves in front of their peers, counselors, and other members of the VAMPY community. Many campers have a wide variety of special talents and skills that they aren’t able to demonstrate during a typical camp day. The talent show is special because you never know what to expect — a camper might play an uncommon musical instrument or have a beautiful voice, a knack for comedy, or some other out-of-the-blue talent.

Another special part of the talent show is getting to watch the talent show emcees. The emcees are usually fourth-year campers who come up with intermission skits that they perform before each act. We have a really funny and energetic group of emcees this year, and I know all of the campers and counselors are excited to see what kind of funny material they can come up with. Together, the emcees and the individual talent show acts make for a great event on one of the last nights of camp, providing an opportunity for the campers to connect even more than they already have over the last three weeks.