The Last Monday

by Mario Hernandez

Mario Hernandez smiles
Mario Hernandez

After a weekend jam-packed with activities and celebration, campers enjoyed a back-to-basics Monday. During the day, they returned to class, and then they chose from a variety of creative Optionals that evening. Some relaxed by singing karaoke, released any pent-up energy by dancing the night away in Just Dance, or played the classic camp game of Ultimate Frisbee. Others decided to stick with the celebratory mood of the weekend’s Independence Day by celebrating birthdays and Christmas in July. Still others decided to spend the time on the Hawaiian game of Pogs: campers created their own Pogs and learned to play the game while enjoying Hawaiian POG (Passionfruit Orange Guava) juice.

All in all, Monday was a fun, relaxing day before we start the countdown to the final days of camp and prepare for the last big camp traditions.