A Very VAMPY Fourth

by Melina Durham

Melina Durham smiles
Melina Durham

On Sunday, July 4th, the campers left the everyday campus routine for a patriotic Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game. After a day of VAMPY-STOCK, which was a series of activities based on Woodstock, the campers got dressed in their most patriotic attire and walked downtown to the Hot Rods stadium. They brought blankets, cards, and friendship bracelets and sat out on the grass to watch the game. The campers enjoyed ice cream, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. Some campers purchased Hot Rods merch to better cheer on the team.

The Hot Rods lost, but the campers did not let that stop them from enjoying Independence Day. After the game was over, all the lights in the stadium went dim, and the campers lay down and watched a multitude of colorful, sparkling fireworks. After the show, the campers walked back to their halls and enjoyed Hall Time with their friends on their floor. All in all, the campers were able to enjoy a fun and patriotic adventure away from campus and their regular routine. It was a beautiful way to start the last week of camp.