The Thrill of Paper Theater

by Emily Jones

Emily Jones smiles
Emily Jones

On Saturday, after an exhausting yet rewarding day participating at the SCATS Olympics, the campers were brought to the Jody Richards Hall auditorium for Paper Theatre. The campers were split up into small groups and each assigned to tell a classic fairy tale with a fun twist. Using only newspapers, tape, markers, and their imagination, the campers created set pieces, costumes, and scripts for their selected fairy tale. It was truly an enjoyable experience watching the campers find creative and unique ways to incorporate everyone’s ideas into the performance, making it that more memorable.

While part of the enjoyment comes from preparing for Paper Theatre, the other half comes from watching all the performances. Hearing the auditorium shake from laughter during Paper Theatre is one of my favorite memories from my time as a camper. While it can be a little scary to give the campers all the control over the skits, it is a great opportunity for them to express themselves in a way that they may not normally be able to. With performances like “Little Red Riding Hood in Space” and the “Three Little Pigs (Reality TV Edition),” the campers did a wonderful job bringing the fairytales to life. Out of all the traditions that we have at SCATS, Paper Theatre would have to be at the top of my list.