Fun Wins the Day at the SCATS Olympics

by Declan Delaney

Declan Delaney smiles big
Declan Delaney

This Saturday, campers competed in one of the most-loved SCATS traditions: the Olympic Games. Partnered with another counselor group, campers competed as teams from countries such as Japan, Brazil, and Greece in a variety of events.

The morning of the games, campers gathered in their teams to get their faces painted, grab colored bandanas, and practice their countries’ chants. After a few hype-up songs and lunch, the campers were brought to the Colonnade for the opening ceremonies. There, we lit the Olympic torch, and the games officially began. Campers flooded the field and chanted their nations’ anthems, ready for a whole day of fun to begin.

There were several main events for the campers to compete in as teams. On the Colonnade, we held active events such as dodgeball and tug of war. Back in Schneider Hall, campers competed in Musical Chairs, Mario Kart, and Trivia to try to win their teams as many points as possible. We also held individual events between the main games such as a 100-meter dash and an art competition. The final event consisted of a relay race in front of the whole camp, where the last runners for each team had to hit a counselor with a water balloon as their teammates watched. The Olympics officially ended later that night after Paper Theatre, when the winners were announced in dramatic fashion. The island of Japan had won the games along with the coveted prize of victory — a Chia Pet!  The Olympic Games are always a favorite among campers, and this year was no different.

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