Campers Connect During Community Time

Clara Manning smiles
Clara Manning

by Clara Manning

The campers this week have gotten the opportunity to create a lot of new and exciting friendships. During Community Time, a daily event where campers can hang out with friends from the entire camp, they have the opportunity to explore new interests and activities with students from many different backgrounds. Campers who go outside during Community Time typically play football on the front lawn, while those who stay inside have a plethora of activities to choose from, including Dungeons and Dragons, ping-pong, and foosball. A movie is typically playing in the Great Hall — this week’s pick was A Bug’s Life. Community Time gives our young people the opportunity to talk about their day with fellow campers and counselors while unwinding. Many of the campers have had online schooling for a large portion of the year, so SCATS counselors are happy to be able to give them a healthy environment in which to socialize again.

As well as trying new activities, campers are picking up new skills, too. Many of the campers have learned how to make friendship bracelets and enjoy conversation with their new friends while creating the coveted craft. As the ultimate symbol of inclusion, friendship, and everything SCATS aims to embody, a friendship bracelet is the perfect thing to take home from camp to remember all the new friends and memories made there.