Campers Are Super (Trouper) Performers

by Jack Eason

Coordinating with others can be tough, but it’s something that campers do every day. They have to work together with their suitemates to determine wake-up times, showers, and even who gets to go first in their nightly card games.

However, choreographing and rehearsing for the hall talent show challenged my hall in ways not usually seen at camp. From choosing a song to making up dance moves to finding time to rehearse during busy camp days, the act took a lot of effort from campers.

My hall chose to perform to “Super Trouper” by ABBA after some inspiration from a Meryl Streep optional during the first week. They gave up hall time and community time to practice over the span of two weeks, perfecting every jump, turn, and kick.

We practiced the most in the day leading up to the show. My hall was alive with energy, everyone encouraging each other to perform at their best and to have fun. My campers would end every practice by circling up and putting their hands in the center, yelling things like “Meryl!” or “Jack’s Hall!”

When the big show finally came, the campers were obviously nervous. After class, they ran around the hall, darting in and out of each other’s rooms, frantically coordinating outfits and making sure they got down any last-minute choreography.

The act itself went well! However, it wasn’t the quality that counted. Instead, the act did exactly what it was supposed to: bring the hall closer together. The boys, who ran smiling and laughing off the stage to thunderous applause, were better friends and campers than they had been before.

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