Learning Right Up to the End

At VAMPY, the last days of class are still full of opportunities to discover as well as chances for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Here’s a quick peek at was going on in some of our classes on Wednesday and Thursday:

Campers Are Super (Trouper) Performers

Coordinating with others can be tough, but it’s something that campers do every day. They have to work together with their suitemates to determine wake-up times, showers, and even who gets to go first in their nightly card games.

Report from Astronomy: Never Stop Looking Up! 

It seems as though the past three weeks have flown by at the speed of light! We began VAMPY with an exciting day of telescope building, The students worked diligently and were able to finish their telescopes in time for our first observing trip of camp.

Presidential Politics Update: The Obama Years and Tourney Semifinals

On Thursday, our class finished examining the presidency of Barack Obama by looking at major events and issues during his presidency. We watched clips from the 2012 presidential election and campaign commercials and political satire about the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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