A Techno Tradition Ready to Dance Again

by Owen Harkins

During my first year of VAMPY in 2013, I was introduced to one of our greatest talent show traditions. Eight otherwise unassuming boys got on stage and performed a hilarious dance routine to Cascada’s techno masterpiece, “Everytime We Touch.” The crowd erupted in applause for the jumping, waving, and other ridiculous movements of the makeshift dance troupe. Almost every year since, with a few exceptions, a new group has performed the dance during the VAMPY talent show.

This year, as a counselor who has seen the routine performed live four times, I recruited a team of nine campers and two other counselor to perform the routine. So far, with two rehearsals under our belt, we’ve received lots of praise — and laughter — from the other counselors who have seen us practice. But there’s more to the routine than just nailing the moves. Matching outfits, consisting of athletic shorts, rainbow t-shirts, and sweatbands, are a must. All the elements seem to be in place, with just one more rehearsal to go before for the talent show on Thursday evening.

Though this act is closest to my heart, there are many great talent show traditions at VAMPY. I’m looking forward to an entertaining night!