Optimal Optional Options

Hailey Morris

by Hailey Morris

Our Tuesday afternoon Optionals had to be some of our best yet. We counselors try to build our Optionals around diverse interests that we believe campers will want to join in on.

Typically, I host Optionals that are along the lines of friendship bracelet-making or interactive spin-offs of board games. However, on Tuesday, I switched things up. Myles and I hosted an active Optional of the game Cops and Robbers that resembled Capture the Flag. The cops hid and protected an object while the robbers attempted to take the object and bring it back to their home base. This game gave the active campers a chance to release their energy and freely play for the afternoon.

For the campers who desired a calmer afternoon, many other Optionals were available. Head counselors Tori and Molly hosted Frosted, during which campers created their own jewelry out of pasta noodles and string. Once they finished their creations, the campers showcased their jewelry and wore it proudly. Another creative choice for the campers was MoMA, where campers were given access to multiple art media and allowed to create a piece of abstract art. Once they completed their pieces, they named them and presented them to their group of honorary art critics.

Each day, campers are given an assortment of Optionals to choose from. Each day, we counselors strive to put forth our most creative ideas, sometimes from camper recommendations, to create these fun afternoon experiences for the whole camp.