The Cereal Kid Halftime Report

We’re 11 days into the exhibition of physical grace and prowess that’s captivating the globe. Yes, folks, we’re talking about the VAMPY World Bowl, where Danilo “The Cereal Kid” Mendoza attempts to beat the all-time Cinnamon Toast Crunch record of 100 bowls set by VAMPY alum Stuart “Crunch” Kernohan in 2018.

Optimal Optional Options

Our Tuesday afternoon Optionals had to be some of our best yet. We counselors try to build our Optionals around diverse interests that we believe campers will want to join in on.

Report from Nazi Germany and the Holocaust: Not Your Average History Class

When people hear that you will be teaching or taking a class called Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, their first reaction is typically a sardonic, “Fun!” as their faces twist in discomfort and they try to change the subject. Luckily, VAMPY students are not afraid to tackle such an important and difficult topic.

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