A Saturday of VAMPY-style Fun

Mary Reilly

by Mary Reilly

The first Saturday of VAMPY brought sweet victory, bitter defeat, and breath-taking performances.

Saturday’s first event was the Olympics, where the counselor groups pair up to represent eight countries in an international competition of mind and body. The competition kicked off with the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, where each country’s captains marched into the stadium to their national anthem, carrying their flag. Afterwards, the four main events — dodgeball, trivia, musical chairs, and storytelling — began. While these were in full swing, campers ventured from side event to side event, earning extra points by racing, dueling with pool noodles, or tossing water balloons. The games closed with a VAMPY tradition, the relay. Teams had to pass through a gauntlet of tasks like dizzy bat, eating a donut off a string, and carrying water balloons between their legs, before finally throwing water balloons at head counselors Tori and Molly. At the end of the day, The Void come out on top, sweeping the floor with all the other countries.

After campers had a chance to rest and eat, Paper Theatre began. The night of performance began with each group of campers selecting out of hat a familiar story and a theme to flavor it. Groups got 30 minutes to design costumes and props out of newspaper and writes their original scripts. Performances ranged from Rapunzel with a robot theme to The Wizard of Oz in VAMPY style.

Saturday is always busy, but only because it’s full to the brim with fun!

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