Monday Is Funday at SCATS

Eric Maddigan

by Eric Maddigan

After a busy and activity-filled weekend, campers got right back into the swing of things with classes on Monday. The campers, still full of energy, attended classes like Clowning, Crusades, and Roller Coaster Physics. However, just because campers were back in the weekday routine didn’t mean there were no fun activities.

After dinner, students attended a storytelling performance by Darby Tassell, a Gatton Academy student (class of 2019), SCATS and VAMPY alum (SCATS 2013-14, VAMPY 2016-17), and award-winning Forensics competitor. Following this fun time, campers went out for Optionals, which included mysteriously named activities such as International Relations and Cleaning Up Schneider. While some campers may have avoided Cleaning Up Schneider since it sounded like an hour of chores, the campers who did participate were treated to running around the residence hall and “arresting” their friends in different Optional groups.

After Optionals, campers spent 45 minutes in community time, where campers can hang out with each other while playing foosball, creating friendship bracelets, or doing other activities. Finally, the campers had 45 minutes of hall time, where my campers played card games and a slightly chaotic game of hallway soccer. Overall, even on weekdays, afternoons and evenings are stuffed with great activities for the campers. When the fun of classes ends, the excitement continues until nighttime.