From Andorra to the Void, the SCATS Olympics Hailed as a Success

Audrey Wright

by Audrey Wright

On Saturday, campers participated in one of my personal favorite camp activities: the SCATS Olympics. Teams were created from the combination of one male hall and one female hall, and they represented countries ranging from Sweden to Andorra to the fictitious Void. Teams not only participated in traditional games like dodgeball and musical chairs but also had the opportunity to flex their creative muscles by competing in storytelling and trivia. Counselors awarded additional points to teams during side events, which ranged from chalk art to endurance games to solving mysteries in Crack the Case. At the end of the day, teams prepared for the final relay race, which consisted of tasks like dizzy bat and donut-eating.

I loved watching all the campers show their team spirit by getting their faces painted and dressing in their country’s colors, as well as working together to come up with chants to yell during the opening ceremonies and between events. I might be biased since my team, Poland, came out victorious, but campers and counselors alike had a memorable and exciting experience that they will remember far beyond the end of camp.