Yearly Band Concert Is about More than Music

Molly Rush

by Molly Rush

SCATS campers have been attending the Twilight Concert Series presented by the Southern Kentucky Concert Band since I was a camper in 2010 and 2012. Many of the campers are involved in music groups and bands at school and in their own communities. Getting to see a band made up exclusively of volunteers of all ages while they are at SCATS shows our campers the importance of having hobbies and activities that last a lifetime. It also shows the numerous opportunities that the campers will have in college and beyond to perfect their musical craft in addition to their other goals.

Attending the band concert also allows campers who sometimes struggle to open up an outlet for their interests and a way to connect with the other campers by sharing a common experience. It is wonder to see See their faces light up when the instrument they play has a solo or the announcer spotlights a song that they have played in their own band.

Many of our campers are multi-talented: gifted both academically and artistically. I love that the camp that I have come back to time and time again is focused on holistically developing the young people who attend.

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