Beloved Feel-Good Tradition Kicks Off at SCATS

Tori Edwardson

by Tori Edwardson

As a camper, one of my favorite traditions was the Warm and Fuzzy Board, a corkboard on which counselors and campers alike are able to write notes, make drawings, and show appreciation for their friends.

Often during community time, campers will gather around the coffee tables in the lobby to collect paper and colored pencils to orchestrate these sweet notes. I loved to write them as a camper and now, as head counselor, it is one of my favorite things to see campers be excited about. One of the best ways to solidify their new friendships is by leaving a handwritten note for them to remember. I have a box of every Warm and Fuzzy I have received from my years at camp as well as my years as a counselor.

As campers spend more time together with all of the exciting events we have planned for them over this coming weekend, I hope that they are able to branch out and meet even more friends so that they may contribute to this wonderful tradition. It is one of my greatest joys to watch their faces light up as they read them!

The Warm and Fuzzy Board in the lobby, ready to go.


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