A Variety of Optionals for a Variety of Campers

Peyton Cuzzart

by Peyton Cuzzart

As week one of SCATS 2019 hits the midpoint, the camp routine has become second nature to the campers, and they are enjoying their classes and establishing friendships in their halls, classes, and other activities. While the classes at SCATS are a cornerstone of the camp experience, many campers have identified their favorite part of the day as the creative activities called Optionals.

Campers have the opportunity to sign up for Optionals that target their own interests. For those who like sports, campers can participate in Ultimate Frisbee, Four Square, and a SCATS classic — Capture the Flag. Even if the flag is never captured, campers always return to the hall full of excitement about the game and the new friends they have made across camp.

For campers who are not particularly sports-inclined, a variety of non-athletic options are offered. For our musician campers, Music Room is a popular option, with campers able to utilize the facilities in the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center to play the piano, guitar, and drums. For our artistic campers, many enjoy Chalk Art, where they decorate the sidewalks and parking lot near Schneider Hall, and Just Dance, where they play the popular video game which showcases their dancing skills.

Campers have a wide range of diverse interests, and Optionals are a terrific opportunity for campers to participate in activities that fit those interests, while also allowing them to step out of their comfort zones.