Friends Are Easy to Find at SCATS

Julia Johnson

by Julia Johnson

SCATS is a place where kids come to learn not only about math, science, arts, and other subjects, but also about each other. Each SCATS camper is different, with unique and special characteristics and talents. When I was a camper, SCATS was where I learned about other cultures and that what makes us different does not have to drive us apart. For some campers, this experience is their first time away from home — their first immersion into groups that may not be the same as the ones they have grown up in. Campers have different beliefs, values, and backgrounds, and it is always fun to see each camper develop an interest in other ways of life.

The friendships formed between campers are special. They are friendships that are built from the cohesive SCATS community. It has been amazing to watch my hall come together to be such great friends — they even all sit together during meals. From my experiences these past few days, I can assure you that even if a camper is feeling left out, there are always people around just waiting to be met. No matter what class a camper takes, what counselor group he or she is in, or what Optional he or she chooses, there will always be another camper ready and willing to be a friend.